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Food preparation is the most important part in the work of every tavern that tends to be appreciated, and good food is the basis of this type of catering, while nice interior, good service or music are just additional reasons for the visit. Quality food is the main reason why the tavern “Šešir moj” is well visited at all times, and because of that we always have fresh ingredients for most dishes. Fresh ingredients allow us to quickly prepare each meal, and waiting longer than 20 minutes is a rarity. All goods that we use in the tavern “Šešir moj” are purchased at the beginning of the day at Belgrade’s markets, while some of the food and beverages, such as brandy and sausages, are purchased directly from rural households. For the preparation of grilled meat, we use a barbecue grill, while we only supply meat in butcheries that insist on quality.

We do not change cooks, neither recipes, and we try to send the main chefs every year to at least one master course where they can further improve their knowledge. Every cook who worked in our tavern has passed at least 10 years of training, not counting the catering school. An experienced team of chefs and waiters is a winning combination for every catering facility, because the waiter knows what he can recommend and guests get exactly what they have imagined. Empty plates are proof that guests are satisfied, and those who can not finish the whole portion usually bring the rest of the food home.

In recent years, we adapted the menu to the taste of today’s guests. Cooked meals are less required, and spicy, greasy dishes slowly disappear from the menu, because demand for them is rare. On the other hand, we increased the supply of fish, salad and meatless dishes. Nevertheless, we still have pihtije, and we prepare sarma in the winter, and at any moment we have a ready-made baked beans as well as mućkalica, because these are traditional dishes that are still wanted. What guests are always looking for, regardless of where they come from, are cold appetizers and that’s why we offer three types of cheese, duvan čvarci, corn bread, kaymak and prosciutto, and when it is about hot appetizers, we always have prepared local soups and broths.

The tavern “Šešir moj” is one of the last in Belgrade to bake its own cakes, which is a longer process, but only such a type of hot biscuit can complement a good meal. We also prepare our own winter stores using ancient recipes, although today it is increasingly difficult to find some of the ingredients that are needed to prepare the food according to these recipes.

The fact that we really brought the way of preparing national specialties to the highest level is confirmed by the fact that the tourist organizations of Serbia and Belgrade do not miss the opportunity to invite our tavern to prepare food whenever necessary to present Serbian cuisine abroad. Such presentations are a great challenge because in foreign countries there are often no more than half of the necessary ingredients, so we fly to other continents with our paprika and pie crusts, because we consider it an honor to be able to represent our country in the best light.

In the end of this small story of food, let’s say that we do not think it is best to eat in a noisy atmosphere, on the feet, while the music is rubbing. Our regular guests know that they can dine in a quiet atmosphere at the tavern “Šešir moj”, with live music that is not too loud and can talk to each other, with dim lights. We believe that this is the best way to serve food and make atmosphere for our guests to tiny night hours.